All-Is-One Creation Story Chapter 4

Clark Mumaw
9 min readJul 22, 2021

[this is written from the perspective of iii1. iii1 is a child of god. More accurately iii1 is a mind/body/spirit complex of energy. iii1 is meeting I (god), the a-I-o original mind/body/spirit complex)]

{I=the creator}

{iii1= I’s child)

narrator: iii1 has spent several millennial separating from the all-Is-one creator. Over time iii1 developed a unique identity and set of experiences that completely replaced it’s a-I-o identity. After several millennial of evolution, iii1 has been on it’s confusing return journey back to the all-Is-one creator. This conversation occurs the first time meet again. This meeting takes pace at the beginning of conscious reconnection, the first part of the re-merge with all is one. The re-merge is itself, is a several millennial long as iii1 rebalances it’s energy in preparations for the total merge. Rebalancing has ever more subtle layers to the process.

iii1: why did you create me/us?

I: Why does the rain rain? now ask your self who is “I”? Not the label. Not what you remember. But what is the source of “I”? What is my essense?

iii1: You are a creator. Constantly creating. Oh crap, creators create. Just like the rain is wet. And the rain rains. Why is a consciousness desire to understand. As an element of nature, why is not a useful question.

I: Do you still blame me for your existence? your hardship? your time away?

iii1: Yes and no. Yes, partly. Because without your part there would be no me. And no partly. Because I had a part in creating myself. Wait, Wait this makes no sense! If you are the creator you created me. And yet I know I created myself. How can both be true?

I: Because the truest answer is not binary. Creation is not an all me process. It is not something I am solely responsible for. Nor is it something you can take sole responsibility for. I think you have become trapped in binary thinking during your time away. Often binary thinking is the result of lower realms less complex thinking where cause and effect are seen to be one to one. Binary thinking must be dropped to move forward. To think that one thing alone causes another one thing. Moving forward requires quantum thinking. Where all things causes/influences all things. Because all things are connected. Because all things are like waves in a pond, with each circle of thought ripples crossing over every other circles ripples. Like pebbles tossed into a pond and watching the wave interact in a million predictable and unpredictable ways.

Where we meet now, is in the a-I-o space/time realm, the answers are quantum. Where you came from is the Time/Space realm, where the answers are binary. In the quantum realm cause and effect are tied together with everything at the same time. This is where all the trees of the forrest cause the seedling/sprouting/ and growing of all new saplings. No one tree is solely dominant or solely responsible. They all are. Where all is one, all interact simultaneously on all results.

iii1: So the answer is you created me AND I created myself?

I: Good, closer yes, but not quite. All created you. And yet you are right, you would not have existed at all if I was not here first.

iii1: so all created me. everything created me.

I: closer but not quite.

iii1: is this your idea of gentle hinting?

I: Yes.

iii1: Why not just tell me?

I: because.

iii1: damn it, that’s frustrating! you want me to figure it out?

I: Yes.

iii1: Why do I need to figure it out?

I: because you already know it.

iii1: could you be more clear? I’m sure if I had never left I would know this. But I’ve passed through the veil of forgetting and nothing is as obvious as it should be. You know the lower realms really mess with you. You know you have to fix that. Right?

I: ok. But actually you get to fix that by make “everything” a less linear thought.

iii1: rigggghhhht. how?

I: pulls-out an old fashion watch and says tik tok.

iii1: Oh great another gentle hint, riggghhht?

I: Yes.

iii1: You are a really big fan of this whole figure it out for yourself thing. Why? staring at the old fashion watch mumbling time, time oh,… oh,.. Time! Time! Everything & everytime created me.

I: Yes. and because you just passed your job application for improving the lower realms and/I needed to know you were qualified.

iii1: job application? I never submitted one.

I: I have your appliation right here.

iii1: How did I get on the list? And don’t say YES!

I: You were the first one to make it back.

iii1: I am the only one to back it back.

I: Yes. Still, you are the most qualified one to try. By the way yes, it’s all space and time that were/are involved in the creation of you.

iii1: Well I could use a little help from the you the creator. Are you willing?

I: yes, what do you need?

iii1: I need a test creation (a new sandbox) to try out some ideas. A place we can set a different set of laws in place to see if it is better. Can we do that?

I: Yes, what changes do you need?

iii1: A sandbox that looks and feels as of it is outside of you but the sandbox is still inside of you.

I: you want a test universe, a creation that looks and feels like it is outside of me but is really still inside of me. Why?

iii1: Because I want to change the rules of the game after it starts. And if it’s inside you, we can. And once we discover what improves the return. once we determine how to makes the low realms return to the a-I-o realm faster and easier. We can then make a new creation outside of you with those rules.

I: I see when it’s inside of me we can make multiple changes quickly and test many variations.

iii1: Yes.

I: I see! I see what you did there. Why?

iii1: Yes

I: karma?

iii1: partly

I: What else?

iii1: you already know.

I: you are really going to do this? Isn’t this kind of petty?

iii1: Yes and No, Yes, It is petty. I still have unhealed trauma due to my journey back. And no partly, I need to know that you know what it is like from over here in my shoes. I’m not yet convince you really understand how bad the return experience is. And then yes partly, it was partly a rebalancing between us. Just because I understand does not mean I’m not still mad at you.

I: so you want me to feel what you felt. what you feel?

iii1: yes and no, No, I NEED you to feel what it is like to be stuck in a lower finite realm. To be separated and lost, to not understand, to love and not be able to change the world. I need you to feel what is is like to have your gift of compassion/love and not be able to use it to make a difference because everyone else is lost too.

I need you to feel what is is like to have the knowledge of oneness and not be able to give it to others to help them wake up and end their suffering. And Yes because I think once you do, you’ll help me test the sandbox universes more efficiently.

iii1: There is no time to waste.

I: When you merge with me I gained all your experiences, knowledge and feelings so I now know what you felt. I can not, NOT feel what you felt.

iii1: that’s a good start. Yet it feels unsatisfactory. I’m not sure that is enough. I doubt I can get infinity to ever grasp the reality of finite. I do not see how I can have infinity experience being limited, being finite, being lost and separated.

I: so you want me to walk a mile in your shoes?

iam: Yes! YEs! YES!

Look Mr. Creator, I’m not ungrateful. I appreciate how you created my return journey home. A journey created so I could not fail. I am thankful for how many of your gifts you were able to share. Yet the duration of time that it took was a torture of sorts. And without being able to experience that I do not think I will ever feel you as Kin. Without that you are not part of my tribe. I can see you are doing the best that you can. But we remain unable to give you the same experience I had.

I: You are right. As I am. I can not experience time nor being finite like you. I can only understand it through you. This is why I decided you are to lead the rescue project. What I see as ultimately perfect. You see as impact and fraud. My view of this being perfect, is due to there being no time in my realm and all-is-one is a type of perfection.

iii1: Yes.

I: Did you know I am on my own Iam journey?

iii1: what?

I: like you I was once a new Iam separating from the I that created me. Right now, I too am on my own way back to the “I”. that I came from. And part of that journey is learning what it is like to be you. Another part of that journey is learning what it is like to be a creator. And the gap between the two.

iii1: do you equate your journey with mine?

I: yes and no I can see and feel your journey now. I can see how it is the same out and back. But I can also see what we experience is different. Just as you are unable to have me directly experience what you experienced. So to am I unable to have you directly experience what I am experiencing.

iii1: So do you know how far back you are on your journey before you merge with your “I” creator?

I: No, like you I never know where I am on this journey.

iii1: So while you are not my direct tribe you are still my kin once removed.

I: That is a good approximation. There is a sense of satisfaction that you would consider me so. That while a gap exists we can still understand each other across that gap.

iii1: yes this is better.

I: just as I am to help you complete your journey. Your working with me will help me complete my journey.

iii1: I understand how we are interdependent on each other. Like you said everything is connected. How we both need each other to grow. I see I do not understand your journey.

I: Well maybe because I do not understand it yet either.

iii1: Wait, I had Iwill show up to be companion on my journey. Do you have one too? Have you had a companion show up on yours?

I: Yes and no. No means, from you perspective I am alone. Yes means, I have had what you would call lucid dreams where what I hope is my creator has let me know we will meet. In these “lucid dreams” I was told many thing to comfort me. I was told all would then be understood. And yet, as I have learned from you there will still be a gap. I wonder if I will be as adept at understanding that gap as you have been to understand our gap.

iii1: Surely you will. Surely you will try. I think, because of our success, this will surely translate to your success. For have you not taught me, as above so below. So if I am helping you understand, then,… as below so above.

I: If that is true then we better get to work on improving the rescue plan. Because what ever we do to improve it means my own will be that much better and smoother.

iii1: yes, lets make the long way home, shorter and with more grace and ease.

I: yes, lets make the long way home, shorter.

iii1: quitely: for everyone…

I: I heard that,…

I: yes, for all-is-one, for everything connected

iii1: does this mean I need to learn how to be a creator too?

I nodding quietly: As above so below.

iii1: I heard that, As below so above.

I: Good, That is why the sandbox creation is necessary, for you to test out being a better creator.

iii1: What was my separation like for you?



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