Ascension (birth)

Clark Mumaw
3 min readJan 9, 2023

There are a lot of people in the spiritual realm we talk about Ascension. From a more technical point of view, Ascension refers to a process of reaching ever higher frequencies. But in more practical layman's terms what do I do mean, Ascension is basically the birth of a higher consciousness.

OK, now what is a higher consciousness? In every case it is simply the next rung higher in/on the evolution of consciousness. It is said that our conscious evolution out of 3-D into the next higher frequency will be marked with a greater sense of compassion towards others. And that this is just one step higher as we move/evolve towards a unity consciousness.

[side note-warning rabbit hole] What is unity consciousness?

The first analogy I came up with is, … it is a collection of individual consciousnesses. Not like a Borg collective which is all ruled by one queen. But we're all consciousnesses have the same frequency (think of this as the same goals/intentions/values alignment). There is no queen needed with all the individuals have the same goal and are working towards it together.

This will happen in smaller steps. Where the more dense physical body is depended on less and less while the less dense energy body is depended on more and more.

Eventually like minded conscious energies coalesce/merge into a group entity. Kind of like a corporate board or council all having the same goal.

As we all become concerned with different aspects of the evolution of consciousness we develop experiences and thus expertise in that area. Our areas of interests and concerns become the frequency that we identify with and eventually join/merge with others in accomplishing.

[end side note-warning rabbit hole ending] So back to the original topic of Ascension. With Ascension just being a birthing process, it is no surprise that there are birthing pains, birthing complications and birthing joys.

When our current earthly events are viewed through this lens, it should also be no surprise that there is pain chaos and joy. And just like the 3-D birthing process, the process seems to take forever and watching it, participating in it, taking action on it produces all sorts of feelings in us.

These multitudes of feelings are present in order to facilitate our own individual growth. If we allow and embrace these feelings and experiences, we can speed up our own growth. However this may also require a reflection and guidance. If we resist and shield ourselves from these feelings and experiences, we will slow down our consciousness growth. Thus prolonging how long we experience these feelings and events.

It is said that this higher consciousness being birth, is leaving behind some of the more negative frequencies like fear greed and manipulation. There's also said that this new consciousness will be more compassionate towards others. That compassion will be a general landmark of this new consciousness.

I suppose in reality we do not have a good picture of what this new consciousness will be like. For just like every new born thing, what it becomes is highly dependent on what choices are made by it. In this case that it is all of us human beings, in 3-D, living on earth.

My analogy of a birthing process could easily be extended to far and no longer be applicable to the actual reality of what is happening. I just thought that for some people it would be a useful perspective through which we could see our current experiences and feelings.



Clark Mumaw

ex-computer networking technician, post stroke survivor, metaphysical explorer, philosopher, interested in human psychology and spirituality