Escaping Karma

Clark Mumaw
3 min readJan 1, 2023

Karma is the belief that a positive action now, will attract a positive future reward.

Or a negative action in the past, will attract a negative reward now.

Clearly, requires a linear timeline. Now has no linear time line. Now is only now.

Thus the more completely you exist in the now the more completely you escape Karma.

Also the more you rise out of the 3D experience, the less Karma is in play.

It is said that beyond the veil of 3D there is no time. That in higher densities there is no time. That in the quantum field there is no time. If so, then all 3 of these give you a way to escape Karma.

-raising your frequency.

-ascending higher than 3D. or getting out of duality thinking and being.

-connecting to the quantum field.

Meditation is one way to do these. Seeing like as a set of infinite choices is another way.

Using movement work like aikido, Thai Chi, or any movement discipline that allows you to encompass a single focused mental state. Work, art (or any creative venture), and even games can be an access point into the now.

Clearly, it is easier to escape into the now when one does not have a schedule. Thus weekends and days off work make it easier to practice being in the Now. If one takes a vacation and spends all of one’s time doing, that will not Foster being in the Now.

For me, as a computer engineer, escaping into the problem-solving was definitely a now practice. Many of you have had this experience. Books, maybe movies, maybe a great conversation. All of these and more can be entry points into the now. When this happens, hours can go by without us realizing the disappearance of time. Losing a day and thinking it is a different day of the week is another example of disappearing into the now.

This is not an unhealthy practice. But there are consequences if you miss appointments or let people down or don’t follow your word. But there are also consequences of not being in the Now.

There is less bliss, less contentment, and less self-satisfaction.

There is less healing, future possibilities and less love when outside the Now.

Now is a place of being not doing. But now is also a place of being while also doing.

Not doing is not the answer. Not doing is only part of the discovery of getting into the now.

Repetitive exercise like running or biking can facilitate now experiences. Repetitive mantras can do the same.

At first, the experience is just one moment or one day. With practice the experience becomes more frequent.

The now moment seems to exist outside of time. Our experiences of it commonly include not knowing what time it is. Like showing up to church on a Saturday. But not understanding that it is Saturday until you reach an empty parking lot. Your whole morning and existence assumed it was Sunday and you acted in accordance to that.

There is no step-by-step path to teach others how to get into the now because everyone is different and needs a different path. All I can do is outline the concepts and some of the experience and related to different understandings we might have. Your actual practice is your choice based on what is right for you.

Karma exists as a lower dimensional guide to Guide one out of the lower dimensions. When one is able to connect with one’s higher self on a regular basis for guidance you do not need karma anymore. Karma is a generic replacement for the guidance from one’s higher self.

But it is not just about escaping Karma, it is ALSO about escaping the old thought form/idea of Karma.

The original idea is more about justice than guidance. More of a thought system of controlling behavior out of fear. The newer way of thinking is more about a way of being/acting that has positive rewards than a focus on avoiding punishment.

Let’s say good bye to an eye for an eye, it makes both people blind. If we could embrace greater now awareness this benefits everyone. Why stick with a thought system that makes our cumulative total less than it started. This creates lower and lower energies. Greater now awareness creates an upwards spiral in energies.

Two blind eyes is certainly worse for society than better self understanding. Which game do you want to play?



Clark Mumaw

ex-computer networking technician, post stroke survivor, metaphysical explorer, philosopher, interested in human psychology and spirituality