Healing 9: The misconception of Healing AND The Law Of Attraction

Clark Mumaw
5 min readMar 29


So many have considered the law of attraction to mean that one must never enter into any negative thought. But this fails to discern between being negative and giving off a negative vibration versus just exploring something negative.

You see, much of the psychological healing process involves taking off and getting rid of negative beliefs that are holding us back. Picture yourself trying to win a running race wearing all of your warm winter clothing. Getting faster and stronger only get you so far. Until you take off the extra winter clothing you will always be hampered by its restrictions and weight.

In order to takeoff a heavy winter coat one needs to examine it close enough to understand how it was put on to thus figure out how to take it off. The same is true of our negative beliefs. It is the act of close examination, that allows us to let them go and remove them.

It is this close examination that allows us to understand how it is holding us back. And if something is wrong we sometimes have to fix it first. For example, if the zipper is stuck it might be worth the time to figure out how to fix it just so I can get rid of the coat.

There are many layers to our negative beliefs that need to be removed. You may want to remove the layer closest to you that is most annoying because it is scratching you. But that may also be the hardest layer to remove. It is much easier to start from the outside and work in removing layer by layer as you get to them.

The difference with beliefs is you sometimes have to remove the same belief more than once (sometimes many times) because they are energetic imprints. Do not be surprised if on the anniversary of a traumatic event your experience echoes of that trauma. But each time you remove the negative belief from that trauma you erase the negative imprint a little more completely.

Another difference of beliefs is that you may not be aware are you are even wearing them. These unconscious beliefs are often more controlling and influential on our actions than we realize. Becoming aware of these unconscious beliefs often requires feedback from other people.

If you get the feedback that you are self-centered. It would be good to examine when you do this and start to understand why you put yourself before others almost exclusively. It becomes important to understand why you will not compromise. It is during this examination that you will reveal those beliefs which keep you from compromising. Maybe you believe that if you compromise you will be seen as being wrong. If this is true, then you might conclude that you have a belief in status being very important. So the actual problem might be about status and respect rather than compromise.

This is the process of digging deeper always digging deeper. The reason to engage the digging deeper process is to find the core seed of the problem. One could learn to compromise a bit but then struggle with compromise for the rest of your life because you never removed the core problem and the core belief that causes you to not want to compromise.

This journey is one of finding ever more subtle layers of beliefs holding you back. It might even be a never ending journey. With every new layer removed you become newly sensitive to the world of events. This new sensitivity then shows you a new restriction to examine and eventually remove. Wash, rinse and repeat with ever more subtle layers.

This does not happen with just beliefs. It happens with emotional awareness, with energy awareness, and with enhanced physical awareness. Start anywhere. You may not experience all 3.

In practical terms, if one removes the coat expecting that to remove the restriction affecting your legs. And finds that it doesn't. Then one needs to remove the coat in order to get out the of snow pants with it’s suspenders so that they too could be removed. Clothes have a very linear process in which they get removed.

Another problem with beliefs is that the process is often not linear. The archaeological dig that is the process of removing negative beliefs is much more like an archaeological dig than a mathematical formula.

You can have several negative beliefs being examined and exposed at the same time. You can choose to focus on a few at a time and successfully extract them. But the process of finding negative beliefs and extracting them does not have a logical order.

One most often finds them due to the experiences as you're having. Some people are so unaware that they do not find that they have a negative belief problem until somebody else gets mad at them.

When someone becomes very aware and is watching their thoughts and actions closely it becomes possible to pick up on the situations that you get stuck on and in. Not all of these stuck places are negative beliefs. Some of these are ideas created during trauma events that helped you survive.

Like being exposed to an unpredictable alcoholic parent. Your idea of being on high alert helps you survive an unpredictable environment in your childhood. But the constant stress of being on high alert for a majority of your life wears down your health and often creates chronic health problems. So this idea of constantly being on high alert now as an adult needs to be let go in order to survive the current health crisis.

It is by the examination of the reasons and beliefs for being on high alert that we can remove them and move beyond them.

Too many people get caught in the idea of not holding any negative thoughts that they can not even examine any negative event to ask why it happened. Even fewer take the time to examine a belief, that is standing in the way of progress, long enough to remove it. Even fewer yet, will sit with the energy of the stuck-ness long enough to dissolve it.

Dissolving a belief or any energy keeping you stuck is akin to plunging yourself into the unknown. Not exactly a comfortable place to go to. WE have to leave behind an old way of living in order to embrace and learn a new way of living. One not modeled by anyone around us. No wonder people do not do this. It is scary.

There is a huge difference between being negative and examining something that is negative like an event or a belief.

There is a huge difference between bypassing that which no longer serves us and letting go of it.

There is a huge difference between vibrating negative energy and just examining it.



Clark Mumaw

ex-computer networking technician, post stroke survivor, metaphysical explorer, philosopher, interested in human psychology and spirituality