Man vs Nature (outer nature/inner nature)

Clark Mumaw
3 min readDec 22, 2022

This is a miss interpreted concept or it has shifted. Man versus nature was introduced when humans still lived directly off nature and contended with nature to survive.

With the technology age humans moved inside and did not directly contend with nature. Only a few farmed while most now contend with stores. Since survival is no longer a direct contest with mother nature. The contest has, for some of us, … shifted.

It is now humans versus their inner nature. The fertile soil of growth is now our inner psychology of mind and our beliefs about the world.

The struggle to grow has everything to do with choosing who we want to be and who we will be. There are floods of doubt/fear and self worth to contend with. There are desserts of abundance/love and not making progress.

Where physical stress on the body was once the dominant source of illness now it is our mental state. Where once our awareness of the calendar and weather determined how well we did, now it is our awareness of our emotions and intent. We no longer seek to balance forces outside of us, instead we seek to balance the energies inside of us.

To paraphrase inspired material, the work is many, the laborers are few.

Surely when our ancestors were craving a life out of their existence in nature, it was human versus nature. Or at least humans trying to find the best fit with nature. Yes some (those with a conquering outlook) saw it as human versus nature. But others (with a more harmonious outlook) saw it as humans finding a good fit alongside nature. Instead of survival of the fittest. It was survival of the best fit.

This dual perspective still exists today. Some are in a fight. Others are finding a flowing rhythm of being. Some are trying to remove the waves. Others are only surfing the waves.

These 2 approaches require 2 different skills. Fighting develops a resistance attitude. Flowing requires an awareness attitude. Resistance is developed through contest. Awareness is developed through sensitivity. Contests are more about control (self and other). Sensitivity is about purifying one’s awareness and is developed through quiet exposure. Stronger control requires stronger stimulus. Stronger sensitivity requires ever more subtle level of stillness or less stimulus. Action versus meditation. Doing versus being. External focus versus Internal focus.

Who do we want to be? Which ever side of this duality we cultivate is what we will become.

But maybe the trick is to develop both sides? Not just one. Or develop the side that creates more balance in us. Surely there are events in 3D where resistance is required. Like my tire will not stay on unless I tighten the lug nuts beyond finger tight. And my nail will not hold properly unless I hammer it sufficiently. On the opposite side, change is constant, resisting change is futile (a waste of energy). What I wear and need to eat to be healthy changes per the season, my stress levels, and other factors. So I surf the environment of life. Looking to find the best fit for the moment at hand as I flow from one awareness sense to the next.

Life in this tapestry of events becomes an art form of using the tools I have to navigate the best fit for everyone around me including me. Awareness of the above provides us with more ways to respond appropriately.

If we started out with human versus outer nature and are progressing to human versus inner nature, then what is next. Do we swing back to confronting a new outer nature? Like a new level of existence? Is the new outer nature, … space? Is the new outer nature the next density of existence? Like a 5D layer or quantum physics.

Or maybe what is next is something completely new we have not been exposed to. Something we have no words for yet because it is undiscovered.

And then what might be the next inner level to confront? Maybe new powers/abilities like telepathic communication or telekinetic manipulation.

So finding the next layer of balance could mean matching new quantum realities on the outside with new quantum realities on the inside.



Clark Mumaw

ex-computer networking technician, post stroke survivor, metaphysical explorer, philosopher, interested in human psychology and spirituality