Raising your Vibration? not helpful?

Clark Mumaw
3 min readMar 29, 2023

Many attracted to the new age, new thought spiritual movement, believe it is important to raise your vibration.

For some vibration becomes this linear thing which is more about frequency and the scientific definition of how many vibrations happen per second.

  • vibration has more going on than how many waves happen per second.
  • Raising your vibration often has more to do with removing all the things that are in your way rather than becoming something you are not.

More than waves per second

In order to see this clearly, simply imagine the charkras in a human being. As one moves from the bottom chakra to the top chakra, more and more attributes are added. Yes, you also get more waves per second as you go up but you also get much more than that. For example once you get to the heart chakra you're adding feelings of compassion and nurturing. One cannot completely capture these aspects of the heart chakra simply by duplicating the vibration rate of the heart chakra.

Raising your vibration

There is a very subtle belief here that you must become something that you are not. The belief is that you are not a high vibrational being and you must change yourself in order to become it. Funny how close this parallels the Christian belief that you are born sin full and must work to become something you are not.

I, for one, have never looked at a baby and saw a sin full being. That seems like a rather unproductive and negative belief pattern.

I would rather hold the belief that I was born as high vibrational being and life experiences here have clouded/distorted/and interfered with my natural state.

I would rather look at my child as a high vibration of being who could use some assistance at keeping their experiences of life from interfering with their natural born self.

I do not want to look at any baby and always see a negative soul. Yes there may be some souls that come here they have chosen the negative path and are born with that bias. But I do not choose to believe that a majority of the souls that are born have that negative bias.

I think it serves me and my child to see them as a kind and loving soul. If I see my child as being born sin full then surely they will pick up on my non-verbal behavior and are more likely to see them selves that way. I do not want to start off any child with such a boulder on their back. So even if there is some truth to it, I refuse to believe it because it is not in the best interests of my child.

Unless I wish to raise my child to be part of the negative path in life. Unless I wish to increase the amount of negative energy in this world.

Helping my child to remove the restraining beliefs and traumatic energy they take on by being here is to me an important parental duty.

These restraints must be removed in their spiritual life, in their mental life, and in their physical body. Thus it is important to help them see the benefits from Healing bodywork, from healthy psychological work and from a healthy set of spiritual beliefs.

It seems healthier and easier to teach my child that they are a high vibrational being that simply needs to remove the layers that are restricting them from being that.

It seems much harder to teach someone to be something they are not. It seems like trying to teach a fish to be a bird. Nearly impossible when they do not have wings.

Why do we persist in holding a belief which makes life harder?

Why would we not want to believe that we are high vibrational beings when we are born?



Clark Mumaw

ex-computer networking technician, post stroke survivor, metaphysical explorer, philosopher, interested in human psychology and spirituality