Soul to Soul a Love Letter

Clark Mumaw
3 min readMay 13


This was created with the intention this was a love letter from the divine masculine to the divine feminine.

The heavens spoke saying……

Dear Starlight,

You have been a catalyst to our journey. An enhancement to our progress.
A companion to our experiences.
A fertilizer to our many thoughts.
A nurturing source to our recovery.
In all you have worked for…..
In all you have practiced…..
In all you have patiently learned…..
You might have been,……
wondering where it all would be applied.
Applying without knowing if,….
that application,….
that person,…..
that event,…..
was your purpose
Yet, purposefully you wandered to and fro,
Driven by energies and attractions you did not always understand
In all you have taught,
In all you have created,
In all you have wondered,….
if you were doing the right thing.
In all of your divided minds,….
You might have been,….
hoping the world was changed by your presence.

Tearing up with demands that spirit would ascend and descend,…NOW!
Loving indiscriminately,…..
never knowing if results were supposed to be tangible
Sitting with a loneliness,
born of choice.
Beyond all the years of harsh landscapes
Beyond all the minutes of uncertainty
Beyond all the seconds of pure joy
There exists a spirit of companionship within you.
You ARE already that,
without anyone,
a companionship of dancing
Dancing steps which are remembered
Remembering spirits from the beginning of time

-I AM,
Your cosmic neighbor

My Dearest Starlight,

Before there was a veil
Remember we were there watching it
all together in spirit
united in essence committed to creation’s nurturing
once there was one
one became two
two became light
light became love
love became life
Remember, dance,….. connect
You are the result, of not loneliness left
but of the hard won privilege of standing alone for all the right reasons
for all best intentions
for all of the rest of us
You are the result,….. of not SINGLENESS
but the amazing growth of love multiplied
You are the result of not REBELLION
but the chaotic creation of a new BE-ing
You are the culmination of not MARTYRDOM
but the self definition of I AM
You have been the journey
You are the return,…….
You symbolize home
You are the starlight of the journey returning home
We are here now
Again remembering we are here watching it all
together in spirit
united in purpose
committed to promise of frequency change

-I AM,
Your precious Kin

My Sacred StarKin,

Remember now
You have been an awesome steward of all given to you
You have been a forever teacher of life’s return
You have been the mother of humanity
You have been the father of manifestation
You have been the student of spirit
You have been everything
You are everything
Feel now the photons of kinship
Hear now our celebration of your accomplishments
Hear now our pleasure at your guaranteed return
Hear now the voices that stood with you
As you stood by the edge of time
Knowing the end as it began
Hear now our voices of gratitude
You have done well!
You have remembered,…..
as you promised me and are dancing the steps of ascension!
You have fulfilled your sacred contract!
Without your piece, the dance was not complete
With your piece, the dance goes ever on
With your piece, the dance spirals upwards
With your piece, duality is made whole
With your piece, healing…..

With your piece, we ALL come closer to home
In our language, your name is Starlight,
Remember me,
I was there too.
That is how I have these witnessed words for you

-I Am your Stardust
-You are my Starlight

These words were written by the human spirit known as Clark R Mumaw after a evening meditation in his garage (about Jan 19 of 2015) in his newly created meditation chamber. ©



Clark Mumaw

ex-computer networking technician, post stroke survivor, metaphysical explorer, philosopher, interested in human psychology and spirituality