Why the Law of Attraction is not working for you

Clark Mumaw
5 min readJan 24, 2023

It is simple, what we experience is what we see and what we focus on. Next confirmation bias sets in. It gets worse when you realize our time spent under unconscious influence is larger than our time spent under conscious influence. Changing those unconscious programs is not easy. too much time is spent on reprogramming conscious thought. Seeing ascension as birth is a conscious choice done long enough to become a habit for my unconscious mind.

The first seven years of your life is when you take on this unconscious programming. It wasn't done to you, it is just what you absorbed from life around you. This is why there is generational dysfunction. As children we are exposed to the family dysfunction of our parents and family systems. These unconscious programs dominate the flow of our path until we manage to change them. So how do we change them?

Creating long term habits of thought, is one way to beat your unconscious programming. Just like one would practice anything until it became a habit and you can do it without thinking.

And if you want to change the cellular structure in your body, it is critical to keep up that habit, once established, for seven more years. Few people have the persistence and stick-to-itive-ness to get 14 years of practice in on a single direction or habit it. I said 14, giving seven to creating the habit and then having it become a replaced (default) unconscious program. The next seven years are the time in which the unconscious program influences all the new cells created in the body so that they all take on the new unconscious programming. They say it takes seven years to replace all of the cells in the human body and that is what I am basing my timelines on.

Is it possible to do it in less time than 14 years? Probably, by including other methods.

Another way to create (replace) unconscious programming is by using hypnosis. I did not use this but theoretically it should work. I had a hesitation with allowing anybody else's will and mind influence what went into my unconscious programming. I wanted, no demanded, that everything got filtered through my conscious mind before I accepted it as something I would believe in or act on.

Another way is to play pre-programmed recordings as you sleep. Best that theses are done in your own voice and with your own writings because your own voice is the one you trust the most. Again I did not choose to do this.

I chose to use Theta healing to get rid of my resentments and other negative triggers holding me back. At the time when I was doing theta healing I did not realize it's full power of reprogramming the unconscious mind. So the way that I used it for resentment and negative emotional triggers was important but not as powerful as it could have been. Still it did clear the road for a lot of good forward progress and healing, later in life.

Finding a good theta healer is probably not easy. What I mean is, finding someone who can enter into the theta brainwave state consciously, is definitely uncommon.

I do not know if anyone can replicate this by following my steps. But I offer it as the best of what I know that might help someone short cut their own journey. There is one reason why this may not produce the outcomes I expect.

You are not me. I think I have an unusual amount of self-confidence and I always have. What I mean is I have always had a strong faith in choosing my own direction and believing it will produce the outcomes I desire if I just stay on it. When you combine that with my unusual amount of persistence, you have a combination that not many people have.

As evidence of this, I have now spent 15 years doing my own stroke recovery program and I am still making progress every year. There was no one to follow there was no one’s advice to chart the way. I have had to rely on my own internal compas and intuitive understandings of how healing works in the face of many people trying to tell me what to do including medical doctors and other experts.

I have been fortunate to have a few critical healers and helpers along the way guide me and assist me in this healing process. It is clear I had free well to make all the choices I made. But it is also clear I have not done this on my own. I have a synchronistically met healers that were perfect for me and my path but probably not perfect for you. It's almost like I was pre-programmed with a unconscious GPS for doing this type of healing.

I would think that you too, are pre-programmed with an unconscious GPS for doing the type of work you need to do, … on you. That is another reason why I would not encourage someone to use hypnosis or sleep recordings done by somebody else. I would fear that they might inadvertently replace some of your internal GPS for the type of work you need to do.

This specific details to making this work is that you want to put your brain into theta waves so you can re-program the unconscious part of your self/brain.

It is reported that some people are able to do this by meditating. But I suspect that takes many years to learn how to do. There are also supposed to be some biofeedback techniques that allows one to reach a theta state while playing computer exercises.

I always felt that exercise like biking or running help me reach a theta wave state but I have no proof for that. I've also successfully attended guided meditations that I thought helped me achieve the theta state. I tried Binaural Beats but they did not seem to work for me, maybe because I never did it long enough. Google might be helpful her there’s much more online than there used to be.



Clark Mumaw

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